I already know what this is about, where can I sign up ?
What if you could get more loyal customers to your business?
Bulgaria should get much more tourists! 
and those tourist should come
 to your business!
 You know it, I know it. Bulgaria could get a lot more people seeing all the beautiful nature, history, culture, fabulous wines.. and more!
But...  do  people know about this?  Unfortunately many people even in Europe are unaware of all that Bulgaria has to offer..

I will first introduce myself, and than I will tell you what we can do to get more people to see, taste and experience Bulgaria...and more important, how you can get benefit from that!

Let me introduce myself.
(A Dutch, Bulgarian love story) 
Hello, its me!
It might be a bit strange, really what is a Dutchman doing here in Bulgaria?  Well let me explain that to you in a short video.

This is how it works 
What others have to say

Ok enough about me, lets talk about you!
A little bit of advice from Khan Kubrat.

Khan Kubrat  showed his sons, the importance of sticking together,  by breaking 5 branches separately with his old feeble fingers, yet no one of his sons could break the 5 branches when they where tied together.  

The same counts for current day Bulgaria all businesses can advertise themselves  to get more clients and surely they will have some success.  
Luckily for you,  there is a platform that aims to combine  services  that any foreigner and Bulgarian might need.. and you can join!

Yes! I want to join for 77 lev
(without VAT)/year!
(free if you are from the plovdiv region)

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